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Sunday, 27 May 2012


Can you tell me what passion is? Or what love is? Well, let me tell you... Daryl Aiden Yow!

Having the ‘hots’ for singing at a very young age of 3, Daryl has been practicing and doing what he loves ever since. Despite having no musical background, Daryl fought the odds and well, let’s just say he is doing pretty well now. Even without anyone but himself to learn from, he managed gain popularity with his voice when he started a Youtube channel in 2009. He released his new cover of “Safe and Sound” recently and to no surprise at all, he received an overwhelming response from the viewers.

Here it is:

With the unconditional love and support from Daryl’s family and friends, he stepped to a new level in his singing career. Now, Daryl performs on stages like St James PowerHouse etc.
Daryl does this as a form of his love for music and singing. He didn’t let reality bring him down. And that my friends, is what true passion and love is.

Written by: Brendan Ong


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